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Top Citizenship & Residency Lawyers for Your Investment

Our associated attorneys are ready to assist you with attaining your investment objectives and answer any questions you might have about all of Our’s Residency / Citizenship by Investment programs.

Our lawyers are able to submit your Citizenship and/or Residency application on behalf of you without you or your family’s physical present.

Malta Citizenship

Immigration law

Malta Golden Residency

Immigration law

Portugal Golden Residency

Immigration law

Caribbean Citizenship

Immigration law


Successful Citizenship Applications in 2020

Sometimes you may find yourself not to know which Citizenship program would benefit you and your family or your business

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Successful Residency Applications in 2020

Sometimes you may find yourself not to know if you see residency as either plan B of your life, destination or more of tax planning purpose.

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Lawyers and Advisors for Citizenship & Residency Applications

The team consists of 30 professionals working exclusively on Citizenship & Residence matters and has handled the largest number of complete applications.

11 years of experience in various Citizenship Application cases

Tired of advisors who waste your time, charge you and are even unable to find solution for your individual, family or business situation?

Malta Citizenship Programme

The Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) offers affluent persons of impeccable standing and their families and repute to be naturalized and to receive Maltese Citizenship by Investment on the basis of a contribution to and investment in Malta.


Malta Golden Residency Programme

Also known as the ``Malta Golden Visa``, the Malta Residence and Visa Program leads to residency (meaning the permission to live in Malta as long as desired), and the option to apply for a work permit.


Malta Global Residency Programme

It offers residency in Malta (meaning the permission to live in Malta as long as desired), free travel to all European countries within the Schengen area, and the option to apply for a work permit.


What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Our associated attorneys are IIP accredited Authorized Registered Mandatories (ARMs), a designation required by the Maltese Government to manage IIP applications, and all attorneys are licensed to practice immigration law in Malta.

Which countries sell Citizenship

Comparison between various citizenship programmes

Direct lawyers, good listners, solution finders and I made it to receive approval for Malta Golden Residency for my family.

Garth S. | Real Estate in S. Africa

Exceptional service of evaluating my current situation and my goals in terms of countries to travel and receiving approval for Portugal Residency.

Hussain L. | Dentist

Do you know the difference between Citizenship and Residency when it comes to taxation in Europe and worldwide?Thank you CC

Louis Farrakhan | Financial officer in Dubai

Thanks to CC I made the right decision for my residency application knowing the biggest difference between Cyprus & Malta.

Samuel M. | High Network Individual

Thanks to CC I decided not to buy St. Kitts passport due to its limitation, I received the approval for my Malta citizenship.

Laila S. | PA in Qatar

How would you make decision on GRP and MRVP when it comes to residency. My pleasure to have dealt with CC.

Maya k. | Entrepreneur

CC lawyers were impressive to evaluate the big differences between Greece and Portugal when it comes to property.

Muhammed J. | Business owner S. Arabia

Having no time to travel to Malta, received my residency approval through CC and opened my subsidiary in Malta.

Melanie Rademacher | Business owner Germany

Every step towards receiving my passport were well communicated, the tireless concern of dedicated individuals at CC.

Leon de Nigro | Entrepreneur

I have been surrounded by the most caring lawyers, by agents who are willing to assist all my clients through the whole citizenship and residency application.

Wang Yong | Business owner in China

Efficient and well communicated and assited many clients from China to Europe through CC. Highly trustworthy company.

Li Xiu Ying | Introducer

We were getting closer to apply for canadian residency programme until we received in-depth consultancy from CC. Highly recommendable.

Kiarash M. | Business owner-Iran

I was more than happy to trust my clients for dual citizenship cases and residency applications to CC.

Alexey G. | Lawyer in Russia

We were not happy with current situation at Turkey and were delighted to be offered a plan B European Residency solution at cc.

Bahar C. | School owner

We did not want to receive consultation from russian lawyers, we had the privilege to choose our lawyer at CC.

Veronica L. | High Network Individual in Russia

Receive a detailed cost estimate for residency or citizenship by investment programs. 


Top Citizenship and Residency lawyers with Best Results

The firm is well positioned to service clients ranging from high net worth individuals and families, owner-managed companies to larger corporations.

Immigration Law

what we are best at
  • Pre-immigration legal & tax advice
  • Pre-Application success rate
  • Vetting documentation
  • Guiding you with the preparation
  • Liaising with government authorities
  • Application progress

Why us

outstanding service
  • Big Firm Expertise & Specialisation
  • Experience & Track Record
  • “Small-Firm” Personal Service
  • Partner-led service
  • VIP service as standard
  • Problem Solving Attitude

Property Law

personal attitude
  • Legal & notarial representation
  • Rental and re-sale of property
  • Architectural planning applications
  • Referral to interior designers
  • Home loans
  • Relocation Service

Additional Services

  • Yacht registration
  • Company setup, foundations, trusts
  • Tax Advisory
  • Personal/corporate tax planning
  • Group Work Permit
  • Health insurance & Schooling

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Citizenship By Investment programs: Malta is far ahead

For the third consecutive year, Malta’s Individual Investor Program (MIIP) is the top-ranking citizenship-by-investment program in the world, with a score of 81 out of 100. The Mediterranean island-nation is followed by Cyprus in 2nd place (with a score of 72) and Austria in 3rd place (with a score of 63). Antigua and Barbuda ranked 4th, followed very closely by Grenada, which is ranked 5th. The lowest-ranked citizenship program is Dominica’s, with a score of 51.

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We focus on Citizenship & Residency full packages

Our lawyers will submit your Citizenship or/and Residency application on behalf of you without you or your family members to be physically present.


In Identity Malta

In conjunction with their vast know-how, our company leverages the robust legal expertise of working in different Citizenship and Residency cases.


Meeting with our lawyers

In conjunction with their vast know how, our company offers fast Track Permanent Residence in Malta, a Schengen as well as european member state


Portugal & Greece

In conjunction with our lawyers vast know-how, our company offers Golden Residency Programmes such as Portugal and Greece which may lead to citizenship after 6 years.


Protecting Business

In conjunction with his vast know-how, our company offers pre-immigration and tax advisory.

Our experts have been featured in press numerous times

Procitizenship Team is one of the oldest specialised immigration law practice in Europe based in Malta. Our team of specialised Citizenship lawyers are committed to providing the best citizenship law advice and cross-border relocation assistance to private clients and HNW individuals worldwide.


Our lawyers have handled the largest number of complete applications submitted to date at a 100% success rate through an honest professional assessment of applicants prior to filing.