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Greece Citizenship

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Introduction of the Greece Golden Visa Program   


The Greece Golden Visa Program is among the most affordable residence-by-investment programs. This provides an access to Europe and many of its areas. The successful applicants and their families get numerous benefits from visa-free access to Europe’s various places including Schengen Area within two months of applying.

What makes Greece unique?   


Greece is a country with incredible history, culture and tradition. Greece is the birthplace of many mathematicians, philosophers and artists. Nowadays, people associate the country with its beautiful beaches & elaborate ancient temples. What absolutely makes this country different are the lofty mountain landscapes, medieval castles, churches & monasteries, music, and even Greek’s winters surprises foreign visitors with the magnitude of its ferocity. Greece is a place on this planet that combines all of these amazing features.


Greece is a very safe place with very little serious crime. Some of its areas have one of the lowest costs of living in the European Union. The standard of living is moderate to high & the quality of life is really good.

Golden Visa program of Greece offers a 5-year residency visa in return for an investment in real estate. The visa is granted for five years and renewed every five years if the property investment is kept.



  1. The South African citizenship holders get a visa-free travel in the entire European Union including the Schengen zone, is one prominent benefit of Greek citizenship. The travel here is quite economical and further provides ease in movement among the countries. Be it an individual, a student or a businessman, this quality of a Greek passport is advantageous to all the people. 


  1. More to that, there are no restrictions on the dual citizenship of South Africans. This way an individual enjoys the benefit of various advantages provided by two countries. Dual citizenship allows a person to carry two passports. It even gives the right to participate in the political activities of both countries. That’s not it. As a national of both the countries, you are eligible to hold land both the countries.


  1. If you haven’t thought of studying in Greece, trust me, you must. Greece gives exposure to sophisticated and cultured education. As an EU country, the qualification from any of the Greek university is accepted by all the nations of the EU. Greece is a multilingual society where English is the second most spoken language. This proves advantageous for students, the tuition fee is not much expensive & education to a great extent is state-funded. The cost of living is also economically reasonable. One can easily meet his/her expenses with 500 to 700 euros per month including accommodation.


  1. Why should I invest in Greece? The reasons for it can be many, being a member of the Schengen area and EU, one can travel freely from Greece to any Schengen country including Cyprus & the U.K. without custom checks. Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, the location of Greece provides assistance to business persons. Greece is a country with low economic risks & a stable democratic system. Furthermore, it is uncomplicated and quite easier to invest as the acceptance of a single currency unit by the entire EU, that is, Euro. Attractive tax incentives add benefits to the list of citizens. The Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is restricted to 15% on the property sale. The availability of a skilled and educated workforce helps acquiring an edge in the market and over your competitors.


  1. Why is tourism a great deal in Greece? Each place in Greece speaks of a different past with an authentic style; this country is an ancient country with an incredible history. Greece’s green valleys, lush forests, and noiseless lakes are worth it. The natural wealth here is something that attracts large crowds of tourists here. The Mediterranean climate adds up to the beauty of Greece. The country has not so cold winters and not so hot summers make it a perfect destination. The nightlife is all so vibrant and ravishing. Greece comes up with flavorsome and mouth-watering dishes along with worldly famous Greek wines and liquors. The Greek cuisine, no doubt, is a treat for the tongue. Besides, Greece is one of the safest countries which further ads to the fun in a safe manner.

Investment in Real Estate

Investment in Greek real estate valued at a minimum of EUR 250,000

Will Greece allow me to keep my original citizenship?  

Yes Greece allows to keep the original citizenship as there are no restrictions on dual citizenship in Greece.


Will Greece citizenship automatically grant me European citizenship?  

Yes. Greece is a member of the European Union and its citizens are automatically European citizens. Consequently you are allowed to live, work and study anywhere in Europe.


Will my citizenship expire?  

No. When a person acquires citizenship under the Greek citizenship program, he or she and the family enjoy full citizenship for life that can be passed on to future generations by descent.

The Criteria/requirements to obtain Greece Golden Visa   


1. In all cases, the main applicant and their spouse, children, and parents must have a health insurance in Greece.

2. A valid visa is needed at the beginning of the application process in order to enter the country. 

3. All essential documentation required for an immigration permit must be certified, along with a translation of the same documents into the Greek language.

The requirements for a successful application process   


In addition to the real estate investment, an applicant needs a clean criminal record & medical insurance to cover any stay in the country. There is no minimum stay requirement and the residency visa can be renewed after 5 years providing the investment is maintained.


The application process step by step   

  • The application process will take around 40 days from the time of investment until the Residency Permit is issued.
  • An applicant has to make a property investment in Greece prior to applying for visa. Once a property is selected, lawyers who we recommend can take care of the application process, conveyance and legal work for the property.
  • The application involves initial discussion with us followed by a 3 to 4 day visit to Greece to view properties, meet with lawyers and open a bank account. 
  • The application after can be processed in Greece by the lawyers of the clients under Power of Attorney. If everything is done error-free at this stage the client will not need to visit again to collect their residence permits.

Greece VS South Africa  


Health is Wealth


In South Africa, 18.8% of people are living with AIDS/HIV but in Greece, that number is 0.2% of people.


Live Longer

In South Africa, the average life expectancy is 64 years while in Greece, that number is 81 years (78 years for men, 83 years for women).


Be Slim & Trim

In South Africa, 28.3% of adults are obese in general. In Greece, that number is 24.9% of people.


Economy is Great

Greeks make 2.1 times more money than South Africans, as the GDP per capita of $13,500, while in Greece, the GDP per capita is $27,700.




In South Africa, around 27.6% of adults are unemployed while in Greece, the number is just 22.3%.




In South Africa, approximately 138.0 women per 100,000 births die during labor but in Greece, only 3.0 women do.



In South Africa, 31.0 children die early or before they reach the age of one, on the other hand, only 4.6 children die in Greece.



In South Africa, there are 20.2 babies per 1,000 people & in Greece; there are 8.4 babies per 1,000 people.


Basic Needs


In South Africa, 85% of the population has electricity access while in Greece, 100% of the population do.




South Africa has a total of 2,798 km of coastline while Greece, that number is 13,676 km.


1.Does the Golden Visa Program of Greece have an expiry date? Am I required to live in Greece?

The Golden Visa Program of Greece doesn’t have an expiry date. When one acquires citizenship under the Greek citizenship program, the applicant and his or her family enjoys full citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations by descent. Also, one does not has to be present in Greece after approval of your citizenship application.

2.Am I required to own real estate in Greece?

Yes, owning a real estate is essential in Greece to get the country’s citizenship.

3.Who is eligible to apply for Greece Golden Visa Program?

A person who has real estate investment, along with a clear criminal record and medical insurance to cover is eligible to apply for Greece Golden Visa Program. There is no minimum stay requirement and the residency visa can be renewed after 5 years providing the investment is maintained.

4.Is the main applicant required to be in Greece to submit the full citizenship application? 

Yes, the main applicant required to be in Greece in order to submit the full citizenship application

5.In which language should documents be submitted?

The documents should be submitted in Greek language.

6.Will I be able to travel to the United States as a Greece passport holder?

The Greek citizenship offers full European Union benefits. They include a visa-free travel to more than 170 countries in the world, including the USA, Middle East, Canada, Asia, Africa, and most countries in North, Central and South America.

7.Do I need to invest in a Greek business or create employment opportunities to be eligible for the program?

Yes, residence-by-investment is the easiest way to be eligible for Greece Golden Visa Program

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