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St. Lucia Citizenship

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Saint Lucia Citizenship by investment


St Lucia is one of the latest Caribbean countries to introduce such Programme, the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme. It offers various investment options in exchange for a St Lucia passport with access to around 100 visa free countries including the Schengen area, UK & Hong Kong. The options include a contribution to St Lucia’s National Economic Fund, investment in the real estate, or in Government bonds.

This Programme does not impose residency requirements, meaning there is no interview, nor is a person required to reside or be in the country at any point. St Lucia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Caribbean Community or the (CARICOM), the organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), & the International organisation of La Francophonie.

It is one of the latest Caribbean countries to introduce the Citizenship by Investment Programme. The program offers a wide range of financial options serving as an exchange for a St Lucia Passport with an access to more than 100 visa free nations.

What does make St Lucia unique? 


The sunshine, combination tranquil blue-green beaches, lush rainforests, and vertical cliffs make St Lucia a place to go and spend your time. The place is great if you’re looking to escape it all, it’s the place you need to visit. Days are spent relaxing on the one of the island’s many yellow-white beaches, hiking up a number of nature trails and trying delicious creole cuisine. Lucia is reasonably priced, making this among the best-value islands in the Caribbean. It is the most beautiful Caribbean island & most resorts are along the western coast in the north, while the stunning Piton peaks in the far south of the island makes you feel like you are in Hawaii.

St Lucia has the newest and the best citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean. The country is vibrant & alluring, plus it offers all the warm, tropical benefits while remaining exclusive, authentic and engaging. Come and settle in St Lucia!

The benefits of possessing a Saint Lucia citizenship for South Africans


The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia allows applicants, their spouse, their children, and their parents to apply for citizenship. The citizenship program offers many benefits to South African individuals & families around the world.


  • Visa Free Travel – A Saint Lucian passport grants you and your family access to visa-free travel to over 120 countries including all of the Commonwealth Caribbean Islands, the United Kingdom, and Schengen countries.
  • Tax Advantages – Saint Lucia passport holders have an advantage of the country’s amazing tax code. Benefits include no tax on the worldwide income.
  • Educational Opportunities – St Lucia offers a gateway to various educational options for your children and dependents. Additionally, there are no educational requirements for acceptance into that program.
  • Secure – The country citizenship grants the security of knowing a person has access to a peaceful & politically stable country.
  • Flexible – The country doesn’t require physical residency from new citizens. This allows them to hold dual citizenship and there is no need to renounce the current one.
  • Permanent – Each approved Lucian passport is valid for a lifetime. St Lucia citizenship is guaranteed for life and can be passed to future generations.


Qualifications of the Saint Lucia Citizen by Investment


To obtain Saint Lucia citizenship, applicants must meet the following requirements.

Citizenship is open to all nationalities.


  1. The main applicant must hold a valid passport.
  2. All applicants and dependents must not hold a criminal record.
  3. Additionally, they must all pass a medical examination.
  4. The main applicant is required to make the appropriate investment in real estate investment or approved financial donation to the National Economic Fund (NEF).
  5. Children and dependents ages 25 and under can apply for citizenship under the main applicant (anyone over 25 must apply for their own citizenship).
  6. Dependent parents and grandparents ages 65 and older can apply for citizenship under the main applicant.


Citizenship by investment in Saint Lucia


It is available through three options & to qualify for citizenship, a person can make a minimum donation of $100,000 to the government, purchase real estate starting from $300,000 or make an investment from $500,000 in bonds of government.


1.National Economic Fund Contribution


People with a high net-worth can do a monetary contribution to the NEF organization under one of the prescribed contribution levels-


US$100,000: Single applicant.

US$135,000: Main applicant with spouse.

US$185,000: Family with 3 dependents (spouse & 2 children).

US$25,000: Each additional dependent.


2. Real Estate Investment


Applicants can buy property of minimum of $300,000 in a pre-approved real estate development area. The property must be owned & maintained for a minimum of 5 years. Property registration, processing fees & taxes must be paid in addition to the property purchase.


3. Government Bond Investment


Upon approval an applicant & his/her family might choose to invest in St Lucia government bonds. But it must be held for the 5 years at least. The bond amount varies depending on the family size.

US$500,000: Single applicant.

US$535,000: Main applicant and spouse.

US$550,000: For a family with up to 3 dependents (spouse + 2 children).

US$25,000: Each additional dependent.

The government bond option has an administration fee of US$50,000/application.


4. Enterprise Project Investment


Applicants have to minimum of US$3.5 million in an approved enterprise project. They also have to create at least three jobs. The two applicants may share an investment of US$6 million & then create six jobs simultaneously to qualify. Approved enterprise projects should be under any of these categories- 1.) Specialty restaurants 2.) Cruise ports & marinas 3.) agro-processing plants 4.) pharmaceutical products 5.) ports 6.) bridges 7.) roads & highways  8.) research institutions and facilities 9.) offshore universities.

$ 100000


The first option is a contribution of US$ 100,000, to St Lucia’s National Economic Fund.

The required steps for a successful application process


The St. Lucia passport can be obtained in 3 to 6 months time period. Investors can go for the fast track option & obtain the citizenship within a span of 4 months.


Month 1

  • A preliminary background check is performed and once it is cleared, file preparation begins. The required documents are collected and advisory, governments and due diligence fees are paid.


Month 1-2

  • The file is submitted.


Month 3-5

  • Issuance of “Approved in Principal” letter by the Citizenship-by-Investment Unit of the Government.
  • Investment is made in selected option.
  • Naturalization certificate is issued.


Month 6

  • Submission of passport application
  • Issuance of passports.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What’s the official language of St Lucia?

The official language of St Lucia is English.


2. Does St Lucia allow me to keep my original citizenship?

Yes, St Lucia will allow you to keep your original citizenship as there are provisions for dual citizenship.


3. Will my citizenship expire?

No, but all Saint Lucian passports are valid for five years.


4. Do I have to pay tax in St Lucia?

The residents of Saint Lucia pay a tax on global income & profits derived from domestic activities. While the individuals who are not residents of the country pay taxes only on income received from the local sources and there’s a progressive PIT scale up to $10,000 East Caribbean Dollars (XCD)–10%


5. What currency do they use in St Lucia?

The currency used in St Lucia is Eastern Caribbean Dollar.


6. What is the restricted country list?

All nationalities can apply.


7. How long will my citizenship be valid?

The St Lucian citizenship is valid for a lifetime. It can also be passed to the future generations by descent.


8. Can I Visit Schengen countries with a St Lucia Passport?

Yes, you can visit Schengen countries with a St Lucia Passport


9. Can my family be included in my application?

Yes, there are options to include your family in the application.


10. Is the main applicant required to stay in St Lucia for a minimum period once the passport has been issued?

No, the main applicant is not required to stay in St Lucia for a minimum period once the passport has been issued


11. Is taking Oath required?

The successful applicants are no longer required to attend the taking of the oath in the country, the embassy or consulate of the country, and also in the office of the high commissioner.


12. Which Personal Documents are required?

The following Personal Documents are required-

  • Birth Certificate (original and copy)
  • Medical Health Certificate (less than 3 months old)
  • Police certificate (less than 6 months old)
  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the school or university for children between 12 to 18 years old
  • Proof of payment of relevant fees.
  • Affidavit of Source of Funds.
  • Detailed Business Background Reports/Resume
  • Two(2) professional references
  • Letter of Employment/ Financial Statements
  • Recommendation from applicant’s Bankers
  • Two (2) Personal references
  • Eight (8) passport size photos for each applicant
  • Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage if required
  • Notarized copies of University/College diplomas.
  • If documents are not in english (both original and translated ones ) must be given.

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